iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone X: Performance

Inside, the differences are not so marked. Both phones include the same processor, the Bionic 64-bit Apple Bionic A11 system with an integrated M11 motion coprocessor. Both also have a dedicated neural mechanism to allow AI processing in the device.

Bionic A11 has six cores: two for high-performance processing and four-core performance for tasks that do not require performance as much as power. Apple claims that the A11 is 75% faster than the previous generation.

Our points of reference between the two phones are quite similar. Of course, Bionic A11 is faster than last year’s A10 Fusion, but what stands out here and, not surprisingly, is that the iPhone X has substantially the same performance as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These three phones have the same processor So if everything you want on a new iPhone is faster and you do not care about new features like Face ID or cameras, you get an iPhone 8 Plus.

IPhone X Battery Bigger than iPhone 8 Plus

When announcing the iPhone X, Apple did not disclose its specifications in detail. But now innards belonging to this whiz mobile phone revealed though not yet marketed. Apple’s latest flagship phone has been registered in China’s mobile certification agency, TENAA. Therefore we can know the specification of iPhone X that has not been revealed before.

For the capacity of RAM there is no difference between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple is equally pinned 3 GB of RAM on two phones. Although the size of the iPhone 8 Plus more bongsor, it turns out the battery capacity is lost with the iPhone X. iPhone 8 Plus has a 2675 mAh battery, while the iPhone X 2717 mAh.

Well how more interested in the iPhone X? Preorder will open in a month, precisely 27 October. Apple began marketing it on November 3 in selected countries. In the United States, the 64GB version of the iPhone X is sold for USD 999. While for the 256 GB version is sold USD 1,149. Expensive indeed, but more reportedly waiting for him than the iPhone 8. iPhone battery not working: How to fix or repair faulty iPhone battery visit :  http://www.gadgetcozies.com/blog/apple-finally-explained-iphone-suddenly-turn-off-low-battery/